Straight Razor Shave For Chicago Men

At X5 Cuts, we offer high quality straight razor shaving services that can’t be beat. Our barbers take pride in the traditional way of doing things. We nod to an era when people took time out of their day to do things carefully, slowly, and enjoy the ritual and the process of grooming. In today’s fast paced world, people are so quick to dispose not only of their poorly made plastic razors, but also of the timeless tradition that is straight shaving. At X5 Cuts, we are proud to share this timeless tradition with our Chicago clients. If you are not convinced about straight razor shaving, here are some reasons that may help make up your mind.

Reasons to get a Straight Shave

The following are only just some of the benefits that you will enjoy from investing in a straight razor shave.

Save Money

Disposable razors that are poorly made can cost anywhere from $1-$15 each. Think of how much money you spend a year on a shave that isn’t even that good. If you switch to straight razor shaving in between your salon visits, you will save hundreds of dollars. With just a little care and maintenance, your straight razor can last over 100 years!

Do the Environment a Favor

It is estimated that over two billion disposable blade cartridges end up in a landfill each year. By ditching the disposables, you are greatly impacting the overall health of our earth by not contributing to this type of pollution. A straight razor is not a disposable artifact. It is built to last over time.

Take Pride in Being A Man

There are not many grooming techniques that are reserved just for men. Women have many that they can cherish and incorporate into their lives. Take pride in the history and tradition of straight shaving.

Start a Tradition

For all the fathers out there, start a legacy. Spend some quality time with your son. Buy him a straight razor and teach him how to shave with it. This will be one of those memories that he will never forget. This is a quality bonding ritual between men. Enjoy the tradition!

Make Friends

Join a straight razor appreciation community to learn tips, tricks and techniques that you can incorporate into your shaving regime. You will make friends with enthusiasts in Chicago and all over the world and learn something new while you are at it!


Enjoy the meditative experience of straight shaving. This technique requires at least 20 minutes out of your day. Take this time to do something just for you. Treat yourself, it’s good for the soul!

A Shave That Lasts

After enjoying your straight shave experience, you will get a shave that lasts significantly longer. By incorporating this technique into your routine, our Chicago clients will experience the closest, most long lasting shave they have ever had.

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