Men’s Haircutting Services in Oak Park

Many men understand the importance of being well-groomed and making an excellent first impression, but they seldom have access to the right barber. More often than not, most men will head to a salon that employs generalists. X5 Cuts is a barbershop that makes it our business to know men’s hair. We’re specifically trained in the art of cutting men’s hair, and we’re up to date on every modern and classic hairstyle there is. We can pick out elements such as your hair type and face shape and find the perfect cut for you. For a sharp haircut in Oak Park done by the pros, call (312) 877-5520 today.


Accentuate Your Face with a Professional Haircut

X5 Cuts employs only the finest barbers around. They have years of experience knowing how to provide the best cuts for our clients. We can cut your hair to accentuate your best features. If you want to showcase your eyes or emphasize your jawline, we can make that happen. However, if you’re self-conscious and want to mask an aspect of your appearance or downplay it, let us know. If you’re concerned that your hair isn’t thick enough, don’t worry. We can make your hair look fuller with the right haircut. Whatever cut you need, we can provide it.

Feel Confident with a Fresh Cut

When a man looks his best, he feels more confident. A professional barber ensures that you won’t have to worry about making a wrong first impression. We can give you a haircut that allows you to look your best. You’ll feel neat and put together and radiate that confidence as soon as you step out of the barbershop.

A Professional Barber for a Professional Look

Personal grooming is essential if you have a job interview, a date, or an important meeting coming up. Sometimes, a sharp appearance can mean all the difference. Looking your best can make the difference between getting hired or being passed over. Well-tended hair proves to others that you’re attentive and detail-oriented. If you want to come across as professional and focused, a haircut can work wonders.

A Short Haircut Is Easier to Maintain

If you don’t have time to deal with hairstyling or maintenance, X5 Cuts can provide you with a short haircut that works for you. When your hair is cut short, all you need to do in the morning is wash it, throw in some pomade or gel and comb it. However, long hair can require costly products such as:

  • Mousse
  • Hair relaxers
  • Conditioners
  • Cream
  • Hairspray
  • And more

Short hair is always the best option for those trying to look good but doesn’t have the time to worry about lengthy maintenance.

Our Barbers Know the Right Haircut for You

If your hair is getting long and you think it’s time to cut it, skip the salon and give X5 Cuts a try. Our barbers are professionally trained and know how to handle men’s hair types of all kinds. If you’re looking for something in particular, just let them know. If a particular person has a look you want for yourself, show us a picture, and we can match it.

Top-Rated Men’s Haircutting Services in Oak Park

A good haircut can make all the difference in your personal and professional life. A well-groomed man suggests somebody of class and status. At X5 Cuts, we offer high-quality, personalized haircuts for men in Oak Park. Our talented hairstylists are experts at coming up with unique haircut solutions for all hair types, textures and face shapes. At X5 Cuts, we provide consultations prior to your appointment to determine the best plan of action for you. At your personalized consultation, we will ask you questions such as:

  • How often do you shampoo your hair?
  • What is your ideal maintenance level for your hairstyle?
  • Are there any celebrity hairstyles you would like to try out?
  • What are your lifestyle factors?
  • Do you work in an office setting?

These questions will help us determine the ideal hairstyle to suit your lifestyle, maintenance habits and budget.

To help you get inspired about different hairstyles prior to your consultation and appointment, we have outlined some popular men’s hairstyles below.


The fade is a classic and versatile haircut than can only be executed by a skilled hair professional. The fade is done by cutting layers carefully in gradual reductions in length. The layers are then blended to create a smooth, seamless “fade” that is shorter on the bottom and longer at the top, starting from around the ears. This look is versatile as it can be done to quite an extreme, and it can also be blended with long hair at the top. A modern look that is currently growing in popularity is a low fade with a loose pompadour on top. This allows for a low-maintenance, styled look as the hair does not always need to be carefully groomed on a regular basis. There is flexibility for it to grow and still look good.

Long Hair

Long hair is enjoying a newfound popularity amongst men. Whereas in the 60s it was considered inappropriate, it is now seen as bohemian and relaxed. Men’s long hair styles can be tied into a bun and suits beards of all styles very well. Long hair is famously low-maintenance, as the hair on the back of the neck is not as noticeable when long hair covers it. However, for men who work in a professional setting, it is not always considered appropriate.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut can be personalized to many preferences in length ranging from very short to medium. This cut is very low-maintenance, as it does not require much shaping. However you may need to get it touched up more often because it has a tendency to grow out fast and look a little messy near the back of the neck.

These are just a few examples of different hairstyles that are available to men. There are hundreds of other styles to choose from. For more options, consult your personal haircare specialist at our Oak Park salon! We look forward to grooming you!