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Transform Your Hair with a Keratin Treatment from X5 Cuts

Many people suffer from unruly hair that takes way too long to style. Mornings can be a real drag when you have to get up half an hour early just to style your hair. Luckily, there is an effective solution. At X5 Cuts, we specialize in keratin treatments and other hair relaxer treatments. Our licensed, experienced hair technicians are skilled at the application of the keratin formula, and have transformed many heads of hair in. The following are some frequently asked questions about keratin treatments that you may find useful if you are considering investing in a treatment of your own.

What exactly is a keratin treatment?

A keratin treatment is a chemical process that infuses your hair with keratin. Your hair is already made up of keratin, so this process aids in combating hair that lacks substantial amounts of keratin and as a result is porous. Porous hair follicles are hard to work with and cause frizz, breakage, knots and tangles.

What sort of results should you expect from a keratin treatment? If you have frizzy hair, you should expect to see all that frizz disappear. You won’t have to spend all those hours in front of the mirror trying to comb your hair in place, and you won’t have to leave the house wearing those unflattering hats for several months. For those whose hair has lost its sheen, keratin is a great way to introduce a little more shine and shimmer into your hair without the use of excessively oily hair products.

Brazilian Blowouts and More

For those familiar with hair care, they’ve probably heard the term “Brazilian blowout” before. The standard blowout is actually one of the several keratin treatments that are popular today. The other two are the Cezanne and the Goldwell Kerasilk.

What is a Brazilian Blowout?

The blowout is a liquid-based keratin formula that bonds to each hair follicle, thereby creating a shiny, protective layer. The sealing process diminishes the risk of frizz and also protects the hair from any of the unwelcome damages that come from day-to-day living. What’s more, this treatment also leaves your hair feeling incredibly hydrated. Your hair will be able to withstand more heat during the styling process, and it will be a long time before you lose that prized sheen.

How does the Brazilian blowout differ from other keratin treatments? There is one clear distinction. With other treatments, you’re unable to style your hair for several days after leaving the salon. In the case of a blowout, however, you’re able to resume your everyday hair care regimens almost immediately after receiving the treatment.

The Cezanne Treatment

Out of all the keratin treatments available to you today, the Cezanne application process is one of the longest. Rest assured, the wait is most definitely worth it.

At our salon, we will apply the keratin product to your hair. After completing the application, we will ask you to sit comfortably for thirty minutes while the product settles. During this thirty-minute period, the unwanted frizz and damaged ends will disappear. For those who have just had their hair colored, the Cezanne might not be the best choice as the treatment might lighten your color.


The Kerasilk treatment is great for those who have moderately wavy hair of a medium thickness who want to eliminate frizz. For those with thicker hair, this may not be the finest choice.

Many stylists and professionals recommend Kerasilk and the Keratin Complex treatment to those who are unsure what they want from their hair. Rather than a drastic change, you will walk away with much softer hair and a clear idea of where you want to go next. 

Who is keratin not suitable for?

Keratin treatment are not suitable for people with fine, straight hair. The objective of the keratin treatment is to eliminate frizz and add smoothness to the hair, so if you already have straight hair, this may not be a worthwhile treatment for you.  To find out more about treatments for this type of hair texture, call our salon and speak with a team member!

How long does a keratin treatment last for?

Rest assured, keratin treatments offer more than a week’s worth of enjoyment. The great thing about a keratin treatment is that it can last up to 4 months. However, many factors play into the longevity of your particular treatment. Lifestyle factors such as how often you sweat, shampoo and swim can all effect how long your particular treatment lasts. To ensure best results, our team of professionals always recommend that you use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner after you receive your treatment.

Should I color my hair before or after my keratin treatment?

If you are going to color your hair, always color it before your keratin treatment. A keratin treatment will act as a protective layer around your hair follicle, not letting any color in or out. After you receive your keratin treatment, you can enjoy a long-lasting color as well.

What can i expect from my keratin treatment?

You can expect, shinier hair with much less frizz. The ultimate benefit of this treatment is hair that is more manageable. Essentially, your styling time will be cut in half, saving you much more time in the morning.

If done correctly, a keratin treatment can transform your hair for the better. At X5 Cuts, our hair technicians are licensed and trained experts in their field. We only use salon standard products that are free of harsh chemicals. We always treat each client with a careful attention to detail so as to do the best job possible each and every time.

To schedule your appointment or to find out more about the services we offer at our salon, call us today to speak with one of our friendly representatives. We can’t wait to help you transform your hair into shiny, frizz free magic!

X5 Cuts Keratin Treatment

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